What is web design? What are the steps?
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In today 's world, with the shift of many traditional businesses to Internet businesses, the market for activities such as website design has flourished, but how to design a website, its stages, where and how to start, as well as web design conditions and costs are things that should be considered. In this article, while answering the above questions, we will examine the concept of website design, history and design steps of a successful site. Fastseo company is a web design agency based in Turkey, Oman and Slovakia.

What is web design?

Web-Design refers to the steps of designing and building a website to inform, introduce the company and present its products. Website design is a process that consists of web page layering, content production, graphic design and SEO principles. Before reviewing the website design process, let's take a brief look at its design history.

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Site design history

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web, made his name as the first web-maker in history with the launch of his first website in 1991. In the first website, hypertext and communication were used to send emails. This simple text site does not use any graphics, images or even colors and is still available.

What are the steps in designing a website?

As mentioned, website design means designing, building and launching a website or optimizing an old site on the internet. Web Design consists of 4 main steps, each of which is described below.

  • Step 1: Design the wire frame

First, we design an overview of the site according to the type of site and customer needs. This view contains an overview of the site pages and the location and arrangement of the various elements. This stage of website design is called "wireframe design".

  • Step 2: Graphic design of the site

Once the location of the site elements is determined, we must design the site. At this stage, the site is designed according to the type of Internet business and using special software for coloring and graphics.

  • Step 3: Coding and programming

Depending on the designed site and customer needs, at this stage, different methods can be used to manage the site. Content management systems such as WordPress or designing a dedicated programming framework. Decisions in this area are made based on costs and customer needs.

  • Step 4: Set up the site

After completing the previous 3 steps, we will launch the site in the global context of the Internet. At this stage, after preparing a "host" and "appropriate domain name", we configure the site and make it available to the public.

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Duties of the site designer

The duties of a web designer depend on which part of the site he is responsible for designing and building. It takes two teams or two people to set up a professional site. First team to design the shape and appearance of the site and second team to design server code and code that is not visible to users.

ü  Front-end

Design and construction of all sections and codes of the site that are exposed to the public.

ü  Back-end

Coding all the features and functions of the site that are not visible to users

Types of site design

Sites are divided into two general categories, Static Website and Dynamic Website.

In static or static sites: only the front-end part is done, ie the contents of the site are collected only once and each page of the site is designed and loaded separately. In these sites, any changes must be made by the site designer and expert. This model is commonly used to design referral websites (the content of which does not change for a long time).

Dynamic site: In designing these sites, both front-end and back-end are programmed. Dynamic sites require constant content change and are designed and developed according to the application of the site. In dynamic sites, the developer is responsible for the dynamics of the website and must design a script so that the site is fully dynamic.

In today 's world, a site is designed for almost any purpose to be used as an information or sales database. The most successful of these sites are those that follow the principles of site design and optimization to display content to their audience. Designing and building an efficient and successful website allows the latest products with their complete specifications to be provided to the audience in the shortest possible time, which will lead to the growth of customers and increase the profit of economic activity.

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Where to start for site design?

The most important factor in becoming a professional web designer is learning the basics and then gaining experience. The best reference for learning web design can be project-based training in web design. By doing various projects during training, you can gain basic experience in developing a site. Here's a few basic steps you can take to begin the process of preparation of being a professional web designer:


  • Step 1: Learning HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is used to create the main body and overall structure of web pages. This language works with tags (categorization and tagging in site content presentation) and these tags specify what elements are used in the web page.

  • Step 2: Learning the CSS language

The second step for someone who wants to design a website is to use the language (CSS Cascading Style Sheets). This language is used to beautify and format web pages. With CSS you can specify properties such as color, font, dimensions, size, layout of elements on the web page.

  • Step 3: Learning JavaScript

By mastering HTML and CSS languages, you will be able to design static web pages. But today, users are more interested in interactive and dynamic sites. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages ​​for site dynamics that supports a variety of programming methods. This language can be used for server side programming, mobile applications, games and desktop applications.

  • Step 4: Learning a server-side programming language like PHP

Web developers fall into two categories:

ü  User-side programmers: Design the appearance of the site.

ü  Server-side programmers: Implement logic of the site.

To have a useful site, it is not enough to have a beautiful design. In addition to form and beauty, sites also need accurate and efficient content. Websites should be designed to meet the needs of users.

In large web projects, the use of a server-side language is essential. The importance of using a programming language becomes clear when we want to communicate between the user, the database and the server. By learning php, you can write scripts to get information from users, and after processing this information, return it to the user.

Website Design Requirements

In addition to the above, website design requirements are also important to consider. Setting up a site is the same as setting up a store, and you need to consider the location, appropriate name, manager, and so on. Launching a successful site requires 4 main sections which include the following:

ü  Choose the right domain name

ü  Hosting (renting space to enter, store information and site contents)

ü  Beautiful and functional template design

ü  Site management and control system

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